Friday, October 19, 2012

Time to Call Those Hogs

August 31, 2012

We've made it to the weekend once again and, for some of us, it will be a three day weekend at that. Plenty of time to get some laundry done, maybe a few other chores and...oh who am I kidding? It's time to call the Hogs!

Hog fans are a unique bunch of folk. They come from all walks of life and, in some cases, from all over the country. Razorbacks fans never cease to amaze me. Good season, bad season, coaching fiascoes (of which there have been many), it really doesn't matter. Each end of that stadium will be filled with tailgaters (I prefer the North side - The Pit) and then they'll pile in to call those Hogs - loud and proud.

I love being a Hog fan. I'll serve as both tailgater and screaming fan for their (our) first game of the season come rain or shine. Side note: who thought rain would be a possibility? Go figure. That being said, here's something to think about when considering this match-up and especially interesting if you're one of our younger readers who may not remember this.

Back in 1992 the Hogs lost to the Citadel in their first showing representing the SEC. Guess who was coaching us? Jack Crowe. Now, guess who's coaching Jacksonville State? Yup. Jack Crowe. Also, Frank Broyles fired Crowe immediately following that game. So, the guy might bring his team in with a little bit more fire than one might hope. Here's a recent quote from Crowe regarding that incident.

“It ended with me saying, ‘Frank, I’m going home to have lunch. If you want me to be your football coach, call me.’ And he didn’t call me.”

Now, Crowe was also recently quoted as saying he holds no ill will toward the there's that. Also, apparently Crowe still has a framed photograph hanging in his office with some nice words written on it by Broyles in 2006. Maybe all is forgotten, but maybe not.

None of this is too relevant. I just want everyone to keep these things in mind. I am a very superstitious Razorback fan. In fact, it's the only thing I'm really superstitious about. I never ever wear Razorback related items on game day (due to a lucky Hog shirt that turned its back on me back in college), and I never make game predictions. Again, only when it come to the Hogs. Otherwise, I'm pretty verbose.

Regardless, win or lose, Hog fans will support this team all season long. We're a tough breed. Just like you, I bleed Razorback red - and proud to say it. Football season is finally upon us and what a season it will be! Good luck to the Eagles tonight and the Hogs tomorrow! WPS!

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