Friday, October 19, 2012

100 Years of Stories

July 6, 2012

For last week's edition of The Record, I had the opportunity to write an article on Madison County resident Tobe Bohannan. For the story, I drove out to Tobe's house and interviewed him - but really I just sat around and talked with him and his family. Honestly, I probably could have stayed all day just listening to stories and looking at pictures. Tobe has a lot of both. At almost 100 years old it would be tough not to, I suppose, but his stories are better than most. He's lived through an entire century. Imagine how much he's seen.

Many of you probably know Tobe Bohannan. He's from Madison County and, though he lived a lot of time elsewhere, he's also spent a lot of time here. If you don't know him, then you're missing out. Which is why I've put together an audio piece made up of portions of my interview with him, his wife and his son...also you might catch a time or two that the family's dog decided to chime in. It's one thing to read the things Tobe said, but it's a lot better to hear it from his own lips.


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