Friday, October 19, 2012

Information, Inspiration and Motivation

September 21, 2012

In the next edition of The Madison County Record, I'm going to take a look at obesity in the state and particularly Madison County.

I believe everyone will be surprised at what is revealed, statistics-wise, about obesity issues in the area. It should be an eye opening article with both scary and encouraging things. For instance, we live fairly healthfully here. That's good. The bad news is, that may be on a downward slide.

As a person who used to live a typical college kid/bachelor life of fast food, late nights and zero exercise - take it from me - change is never out of the question or beyond reach. Change just requires change. Some things are harder than others, of course. I smoked cigarettes through all that unhealthful living, which just made things worse. Even after making the decision to exercise, eat right and take charge of that part of my life - I continued to smoke for at least four more years. Some things are definitely harder than others.

I'm not trying to be preachy. I'm just mentioning some facts from my own life to preface the story I'm trying to tell. If you've ever wanted to lose weight, shape up and make a positive change in your health, don't miss the next edition of The Record. Sure, I'll have some facts and figures about obesity, but I'll also bring you an inspirational story AND news about a contest that could win you a free trip to Branson. So, just to recap - you'll get information, inspiration and motivation. Not too shabby. The title of this BLOG's making a little more sense now, huh?

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