Monday, April 25, 2011

Ten Things About You and Me

A few folks pointed out that I didn't post the blog I promised last week. That's true, but unfortunately it, like me, requires good weather and sunshine - something that has not been super available this past week. That being said, here's something to tide you over.

1. I recently heard a person explaining to another person that "chivalry is dead." The girl who this was being explained to replied, "who's chivalry?". True story.

2. If a person's FaceBook profile has almost no pictures of them, except pictures they took of themselves, they either have no friends or they're quiet and keep to themselves. Meaning that person is either a jerk or a serial killer.

3. I have a very good work ethic when it comes to doing laundry. I do not have this same work ethic about the drying of that laundry. This is unfortunate as I am terrible at ironing.

4. As a teenager I once called into work saying I'd been in a small car accident with a co-worker. This was, of course, not true. I worked the entire next day wearing an arm sling. Customers felt bad and helped me bag their own merchandise. My friend and I both quit the next day.

5. I don't believe in ghosts or UFOs but man I wish Big Foot was real. That would be sweet. No matter how bad it hurt my hand, I would always accept a low five from that guy.

6. I think whoever named the "fly" really copped out. Sure "grass hopper" is pretty literal, but come on. If you were going to be so literal, call it a "flying vomiter." But I bet a flying vomiter swatter would somehow end up being more expensive so never mind.

7. I love that the thought of any kind of fungus is a total gross out to so many people, but I rarely meet anyone who doesn't like mushrooms.

8. If you tell me that your only vice is something like you exercise too much or you work too hard, please turn around and talk to someone else. You're bothering me.

9. When did toilet paper commercials stop promoting its softness and start promoting its strength? I get what those ladies are hinting at in that commercial. Yuck.

10. iPhone charger cords are ridiculously short unless you opt for the expensive long cord option. I bought a small white extension cord for $1.50. Winning! 
Steve Jobs - 6.1 Billion, Flippin - 1.


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