Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"I store it in my underwear for safety!"

I enjoy shopping for the special events of family and friends and it so happens I have a few of those coming up. Quite a few birthdays cracking over the next few months, so I thought I'd get a head start on the present buying. I must admit though, I don't LOVE shopping so I'm prone to getting sidetracked.
Everything starts off with the right intention, but I wander. Let's see how today's shopping event went?

That being said, how about an underwear safe?

Totally disgusting right? But when you turn to that life of crime and you're rummaging around your neighbors' houses looking to score some quick cash - you got to admit, you're probably going to skip the skid-marked tighty whiteys laying at the bottom of the closet. Ha, you could lay these on top of your Bentley and it would still do the trick. Yeah I picked a dirty brown color for this part for a reason.

Maybe it's your lunch you're looking to protect. If so, these things are awesome. Zip-Lock bags that make it look like your sammy is rotty. But really how big of a problem does this fix? Maybe  it works on the guy at the office that steals your sand out of the fridge before you can get to it. Probably a bad choice on the day someone decides to finally clean out that undoubtedly disgusting fridge though. IDK, but I love these.

This one is priceless. It took me a second at first to realize those hands weren't attached to anything. God help the poor child who's parents think this is a great idea (which I originally did until some jerk informed me it was a little creepy). You gotta think. For this to work as advertised, you'd probably have to put the baby to sleep while holding it with these fake hands. Anybody that's ever tried to lay a sleeping baby down in a crib knows they'd feel that switch up. So the creepiness you felt while using fake hands to rock your child to sleep wouldn't even feel justifying in the end. Too bad too because I still like this one.

Now here's the point where I start getting a little sidetracked...and by a little I mean that I, at this point, completely quit shopping and start looking at pictures I thought were funny. Here's a sampling.

Speaking of babies, get that one outta here! We're good thanks! No kidding, the title of this picture is "SHOO!"

So we know now that Michael Jackson had a little help developing the thriller dance. These cats were crushing it decades earlier.

This next pic and story are completely true. Look it up. This Hooters waitress was competing to win a new Toyota -- and she won -- what'd she get? A new 'toy Yoda." She WAS smart enough to hire a lawyer though and to look really really pissed for the newspaper pic...that might be as smart as she got though. Hey, awesome toy Yoda though.

Haha! I never looked up who won, but either way it went, I'm happy.

Finally, on the note of getting sidetracked while shopping for others, I leave you with this. From what I understand this young man's name is Mini Daddy. Unfortunately for Mini Daddy, the show stealers are the tiny little hood rats dancing in the background. They must not be missed. In fact they can't be. Enjoy!

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