Monday, April 11, 2011

"So Here's the Plan"

Sunday was a pretty awesome day for a couple of reasons. The weather was fantastic and I had nothing to do all day but enjoy it. The mistake I made was that I made plans based on that fact. Stupid, stupid stupid.

Everyone I talked to was planning something to do outdoors. How could you not?  The park, the lake. My buddy Rob and his friend even won box seat tickets to the Hogs/LSU game! Including a cab ride to and from the ball park! Everybody was gonna rock this sweet sweet Sunday.

All I wanted was some lunch, so...

Step one. Grab a little lunch. Took note of this along the way.
I didn't eat at Wes'. Nor did I eat at the "Laundry & Grocery Computer Systems Outlet," but maybe I should have. I hear their chips are amazing...and clean.
Next on the plan? Pick up my truck from the B-DAY-Q I attended the night before. Played it safe, caught a ride home and it's a good thing I did! Because had I walked to my truck in the dark instead of the next day I would've missed this. Catbox!

Yeah folks, that's an after market cat mailbox cover! Precious isn't it?? Somehow I think this has got to be a federal offense.

Plan Part 3: Hit the grocery store and get the goods for cookin' up some ribs! I would have gone to the Laundry and Grocery Computer Systems Outlet, but they don't have the country style ribs. Only bone-in. I like the country style.
But what to have with them? Maybe I'll just save some time and effort and pick up something from the deli, like.....
"Food Stampable Miscelloneous By LB Cold." Mmmmmmmmmm. It's been awhile since I've had some good "MISCELLONEOUS!" Never the less I let it pass by.

Get to the house, ready to start slow cooking those ribs. Kinda regretting my decision to pass up on the miscelloneous, but knowing it was the right thing to do. Phone call! Remember Rob?

What up Al?

What up buddy? How was the game?

Any chance you can come pick me up?

I thought you had a ride back!

I'm at the hospital.

BAM! This guy is the little brother of a girl I dated when I was 16 years old. We don't see each other that much but I always try to check up on him, make sure he's doing well etc... On Sunday he wasn't doing well.

How'd ya get here Rob?

I woke up here. Doctor said it was probably a combination of alcohol and too much sun.

....said the drunk looking sunburned man.

I know there's some saying about "the best laid plans" blah blah blah that applies here, but I don't really care. Days usually don't go as planned for me...or Rob as it ends up. Still, the day was full of "miscelloneous" good sights and times. Rob was just fine and the Hogs swept. 
I'm gonna go start cooking those ribs now.

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