Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mammoth tale I'd love to believe

     Tweets, Facebook status updates and plenty of "news" articles are reporting the first video of a Woolly mammoth EVER! It supposedly comes to us from Siberia and shows a creature, that looks somewhat mammoth-like, crossing a river. If the video is real and untouched by Adobe After Effects, it's pretty cool...but I'm thinking bear with a fish in its mouth.
What do you think?
     Now, I'm not even considering that this video may actually depict a beast that is thought to have died out over 3,500 - But I'd love to believe that it's real. I just can't. That being said, I'm here to lend a little advice to the aspiring video hoaxster.

  • Grainy, foggy, out of focus footage is always the way to go. It worked for big foot and the Loch Ness Monster, it can work for you too. Also, if you can get your hands on an old late 90s video camera, all the better.
  •  If your video is super short, that's is a red flag. If it's actually a bear or something that you're trying to pass off as something else, I realize you cut the video just prior to it totally looking like a bear. People will shoot video of their baby or puppy or cat FOREVER, even if the thing they're shooting never does anything interesting at all...and then they'll still post every second of that video on their Facebook page. When you finally shoot something awesome like a Woolly mammoth crossing a river, let's keep that tape rolling.
  • Quit passing yourself off as something reliable. The mammoth vid was shot by "Russian engineer." I suppose we're supposed to believe it then? Let me present a scenario.. 
"Bigfoot caught on tape by nuclear scientist."    OR   "Bigfoot caught on tape by lunatic."
     Doesn't matter does it? We're going to watch your video regardless, and I think I have a predilection for the lunatic video anyway.
     My last tip is this - If you're just looking to up your page views, there's no need to go to any great trouble with faking a good video. This guy has almost 7 million views. 7 million.

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